Every Monday you will find here a new inspiration card. The lyrics come from the carddeck: “The Universe has your back” by Gabrielle Bernstein. Read the text a few times and take it with you for the coming week.
Tip: write it down somewhere for yourself, so that you can be reminded of it.

A beautiful & magical week!

With love, Margreet

*update 27th of May 2022*
From now on you can read my blogs in English and Dutch. The website will be only in English. I want to connect and inspire worldwide! Love and light has no borders! Thank you for understanding!

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About me

My name is Margreet. I am a Dutchy living with my family in the South of Sweden.
Besides writing, I am mom of 3 and I try to find a balance with family and myself.
One of my dreams is writing a book.
You can read here more about me.